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Go! Go! Carlito (Who's That Boy)
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it is now officially a thing…until u all of u guys get tired of it

*****EDIT: Fac3ache MADE THE BOTTOM ONES AFTER TAVROS!!! (u can obviously tell haha)






ok now back to the questions.






have a 4 second long thing

by equius / nepeta ( tyler / jane )
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It started out with a beef ball. How did it end up like this.
It was only a beef ball. It was only a beef ball.

(Tyler and I ended up doing a thign in the aftermath.)


A moment of silence for those who fell before the [S] Cascade update.


A moment of silence for those who fell before the [S] Cascade update.


Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere.

Wait…what pumpkin?

Nepeta: Jane
Feferi: Rina-Chan
Terezi/audio editor/video editor: Afina (Her october URL is celestialgallows)! 
Eridan: James
Karkat: Case
Sollux: Daniel
Aradia: Cat
Gamzee: Cadre
Vriska: Kylee 
Equius: Tooch
Kanaya: Maddi

The art: Takara

The music: The Great Pumpkin Waltz

Happy Halloween!

:33 < *ac wishes efurryone a pawstively fun hallow33n!!*

Anonymous: Why do you like equius?


well anon i hope you like really long answers:

he is one of two trolls who did not ever hurt anyone in canon, the other being karkat. now the thing about equius is that he could really hurt someone if he wanted to. he’s one of the strongest trolls, and he beats up robots on a daily basis.

he’s also extremely smart like holy crap???

not only does he build these robots, but he makes prosthetic appendages that act exactly like their biological counterparts, and this is something not even human scientists can do yet. he creates an arm for vriska, a new set of legs for tavros that are possibly wired directly to his brain rather than the dead nerves in his spine. not to mention aradiabot, which is a robot compatible with a soul and has a functioning cardiovascular system and a beating heart.

also, what most people don’t really notice is equius’s character development. when we first meet him he is admittedly a bit of an asshole, and is very biased toward the hemospectrum because this is how he was brought up. but once he enters the medium and is able to actually interact with nepeta, he becomes more relaxed and accepting. he respects karkat as a leader despite not knowing where he stands in terms of blood rank at all. he doesn’t even really know tavros, a lowblood, yet he makes him some legs just because vriska asked him to, and not for any personal gain at all. 

and addressing his moiraillegiance with nepeta:

in their first few conversations, equius is very stubborn and reluctant to comply with nepeta’s roleplaying shenanigans. but then, in [S] Equius: Seek the highb100d, he really does try to play with her despite not really knowing how to do it.



he really wants to learn how, and admits to having fun, even though he wasn’t very good


also, toward the end of their conversations nepeta gives equius her hat as a ‘purrsent’ to him, and he is so happy he doesn’t even know what to say.


when talking to nepeta, his talksprite starts smiling, something we have never seen equius do up until this point. he is so happy just to have a friend and be able to truly have fun.


also note this line, which is very similar to nepeta’s third-person self roleplaying dialogue bits

and finally, his death scene. 

he orders nepeta to go hide in the secret room, so that she would be safe while he went to confront gamzee. his last words to her are a very sincere and solemn goodbye, suggesting that he believes this will be his last chance to see her. he makes his way to the room where gamzee is waiting, and as he talks to him you can tell he is absolutely terrified.


he doesn’t even fully respond to the pain of the arrow shot through his leg because he is so petrified with fear. he’s terrified because he knows these are his last moments. he knows that gamzee is too far gone to negotiate with. and worst of all, he knows that there’s nothing he can do about it. he could never hurt gamzee. he could never hurt anyone. he’s going to die and he knows he’s not strong enough and he can’t do anything and he’s scared. this boy, who i remind you is the equivalent of thirteen years old, who thought he was the strongest troll ever and could do anything, is realizing that he’s just that, a six-sweeps old troll who’s about to be killed by one of his friends and he is helpless to it.

there have been many speculations as to why he smiles moments before his death. many of them make me truly upset because they reduce equius to being ‘willingly submissive and happy to be subjuggulated by a highblood’ or bullshit like that. 


i don’t care what anyone else says, this is a look of pure terror and helplessness. personally i have experienced almost choking to death, and there is nothing enjoyable about it at all. it’s scary as hell.


i believe that equius smiled for nepeta. she was his only true friend, the only person who ever cared about him, his feelings, or for him as a real person at all. everyone else treated him awfully, and that’s probably why he started out as rude and stuck-up. because everyone treated him like a weirdo and a freak, and he was only reciprocating what others gave him. but then we have nepeta, who talked to him playfully, and treated him like a huge silly dummy who needed to chill out every once in a while. we have nepeta, who equius believes is safe behind that grate, i mean gate, i mean that door over there you gosh darned sillyface. who gave him hope in his last moments, because he didn’t know she was in the vents, and he thought at least she was okay, because he no longer cared about himself. nepeta was safe, she was going to be alright, and nothing else mattered. nothing else mattered and equius zahhak was happy.


I’m sorry




 first six

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sprite edit dump

This is Scott Pilgrim Style, isnt it :3

The originals are sprites from the Scott Pilgrim game. Thus getting the name edits ^u^